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A Manga A Day Keeps The Drama Away!

TP Manga offers weekly and monthly updates for all your favorite manga for free. You can access anywhere you like. The difference between TP Manga and other traditional comics is TP Manga offers services in which readers can view new content every week for free and conveniently on a phone and the web. They can also access a Data Base pertaining to their favorite series which will allow them to interact and learn facts about their favorite characters. Enjoy your favorite Manga on the web, mobile, and of course, Traditional Hard copies as well.

My Mission

Our goal is to use inspirational and relatable manga to empower people to realize that no matter their circumstance they can succeed if they put their mind to it. Coming from a troubled childhood I know first hand how easy it is to lose motivation and drive, but the truth is reading manga got me off the streets, it gave me a dream, but most importantly it gave me the knowledge that I could do it too! I could be successful. We believe that the manga on this site will be truly beneficial to our readers.


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